29 August 2014 Asana Agung Putra Bali

Asana Agang Putra Bali

Modern with a touch of Balinese charm.

Upon arriving in Bali I opted to stay in the belly of the beast known as Kuta. Not far from the airport its infamous for traffic jams, wild party goers and over aggressive natives looking to sell you anything. Knowing this I wanted to experience the madness at the beginning of my trip so I booked 3 nights at the Asana Agung Putra Bali.

The hotel is located on Popies Lane 1, a narrow road lined with swap meet style street vendors selling cheap Indonesian wares of all kinds. You’ll also find bars, restaurants and a mish-mash of stores catering to tourists. Definitely be cautious of where you step, the sidewalk sized cobblestone road is shared by pedestrians and motorists alike. From what I’ve heard this is one of the first streets to be developed in Kuta and it has seen quite the transformation over the past few years.

Asana is near the end of Popies 1. I made the rookie mistake of letting my cab driver drop me off at the beginning of the street. So after 30 hours of travel time I was lugging 2 bags and a backpack down the road trying to find the entrance. Initially it was a bit overwhelming but the natives pointed me in the right direction and I made it in just fine.

Now this hotel is quite lovely IF you book a deluxe room. I believe 90% of the hotel has been remodeled and the 10% that is not you will want to steer clear of. My favorite thing about it was the modern lines juxtaposed with charming Balinese details (such as the intricately carved entryway doors). The staff is friendly, accommodating and look to do whatever they can to ensure you have an enjoyable stay. I definitely recommend this hotel.

Deluxe room at the Asana Agang Putra Bali

My room. Comfy with pops of color.

Handcrafted Balinese doors at the Asana Agang Putra Bali

Love these doors!

Pool and palm trees at the Asana Agang Putra Bali.

I’m a beach person but for those who like pools Asana has two,

Personally I don’t think Kuta is as horrid as its made out to be. It is what it is and if you go in knowing that what can you really complain about? Besides, who complains when in Bali? Not I.

I’ve moved on though. I’m currently adventuring in south Bali on the Bukit Peninsula. This area is much less congested and instead of beeping horns I hear countless roosters beckoning in a new day. More to come my friends.

25 August 2014 12 hours in Taipei

Hotel in Taipei.

A view outside of my Hotel in Taipei.

Which were quite uneventful. After a 13 hour flight and a string of sleepless nights leading up to this Glossy Getaway I was pretty exhausted upon landing. But I mustered up enough energy to explore some of the city in what little time I had.

This was also my first experience staying at a hostel. It served its purpose but I am definitely NOT the hostel type. The CU Hotel was a fine place to store my stuff, take a shower and sleep for a few hours, however, sharing a room with 2 strangers was, well, slightly strange. Really I can’t do too much complaining, as soon as I checked in I ventured back out to the Ningxia Night Market just a few steps away from my home for the night.

To my surprise there were a good amount of people out at 12pm on a Monday night. Street vendors sold all kinds of interesting looking fare and with the exception of one delectable chocolate macaron I tried none of it. Just no appetite for food at that moment.

Night market in Taipei.

Roaming the Ningxia Night Market.

scooter in taipei.

Seems to be Taipei’s transportation of choice.

TPE airport.

Spotted walking through the airport.

lines and light at the airport.

The perfect lines paired with the perfect light before boarding flight to Bali.

Young and old whizzed through narrow streets on scooters, going who knows where. I snapped photos and resisted the temptation to venture through the maze of intriguing alleyways. After about 1 1/2 hours of exploration I called it a night.

It’s premature of me to form any type of informed opinion about this city. I will say the condensed design and ruinish looking architecture are not the most pleasing to my eyes . And during this morning’s bus ride back to the airport I found myself asking where is the beauty in this land? Only a few moments later the rising sun softly brightened the sky and a range of majestically carved mountains were revealed to me.

Leave it to Mother Nature to paint the perfect picture amongst man’s madness.

With that said, I’m ready to be in Bali now.

Love, The Glossy Queen

24 August 2014 Off to Dreamland!

August 24 is always a super special day for me because it’s my birthday. But this year its even more special than others. Today I say goodbye eL Ay, goodbye America. Today is the day I head to Bali!!!

The weeks leading up to this adventure have been absolutely crazy. Things transpired in life that could’ve set off a panic attack. No panicking from me though, I’ve adopted a simple motto to combat life’s curve balls…

Keep it zen.

Instead of asking why or wasting energy battling for something that needed to be left a long time ago I started making art.

Fantastic things began working their way through me. I sat for long nights and long days at my desk. Hyper-focused. Phone calls went unanswered (sorry friends) and plenty of meals were missed. I even found myself giving thanks, for the unwelcoming events started to feel like a blissing.

Ideas which had been brewing in my mind, waiting for the perfect moment to come to life, were taking shape in this 3 dimensional plane. Happyness!

So here it is my lovelies! The Glossy Queen’s very first capsule collection – Off to Dreamland. It consists of 11 unique items; all handmade, one-of -a-kind or found by me. Each piece is available in limited quantities and I’ve got one of everything coming to Bali with me!

off to dreamland by the glossy queen

“Off to Dreamland” by The Glossy Queen launching 8/24/14.

Although I had limited time and limited resources to create this body of art I’m very satisfied with how it turned out. There is an an overall quality of airiness thanks to the cooling pastel tones. Personally my eye is attracted to softer colors these days. Hmmm, think that says a lot about where I’m at in life. A place of serenity regardless of the circumstances I find myself in.

Boarding starts in 15 minutes! While I’m in transit the shoppe will be offline. Once I touch down and get settled in Bali it will be updated with all the loveliness seen above and a few additional surprises as well.

One more thing… is undergoing a makeover! Must thank P. Thomas Garcia for responding with swiftness to my requests and helping me clean up the site. Changes are still being made so please forgive any broken links, etc. while we breathe new life into my online space.

Love, The Glossy Queen

Handpainting business cards.

Painting my business cards with watercolors.

My intention when I started blogging 8 days ago was to blog for 10 days straight. As a countdown to the Glossy Getaway. But its just been way too crazy and I’ve missed a few days.

But ok. I am here today…hello there!

Earlier this week I made business cards. Its truly disgraceful how long I’ve been sans cards. Maybe a year. I’m not the best when it comes to marketing. But I’m making an attempt to be better. And one way to be better in that department is to have a card at the ready.

I leave the country in two days so there is no way I could’ve placed an order. What does that mean…


handpainted business cards

Step 1 // Paint a free form design on a blank white card.

hand-stamping business cards

Step 2 // setting type , this means hand stamping each card.

Typical for a bootstrapping artiste. I dug out little bits and pieces of things I’d collected over time. This is what came out!

A hand-painted, hand-stamped business card. It is simple, to the point. I’m becoming more of a minimalist by the day.

Sometimes restraints of call kinds are a blissing. Even restraints in time.

colorful handmade jewelry by the glossy queen and handmade business cards

The finished product + a sneak peek of “Off to Dreamland”

The process of making these was as magnifique as the outcome. As soon as I picked up the paint brush everything organically came out of me and turned little pieces of perfection. Magic! Truly I adore them. They encapsulate everything I want to express at the moment and making them was such a pleasure.

One thing for me to remember is I must be discerning when handing them out, as I only have 34. Again, restraints and limitations.

Love , The Glossy Queen


queen elizabeth coin earrings in gold by the glossy queen

Queen Elizabeth Coin Earrings | $36.00 each (3 pairs available)

Told you I scored!

Finding these Queen Elizabeth coins during my day in DTLA was most certainly divine alignment. I mean could these fabulous coin beads be any more perfect? I don’t think so. I was so excited about them I managed to put in another full day’s work Friday night when I returned to le studio. Maybe trekking all over the city under the roaring Leo sun gave me some extra special energy to work with. Aww, the dog days of summer – love em!

Whatever it was I was in the zone (and still am my lovelies). Sometime early Saturday morning I had these amazing earrings in my ear.

And yes they are amazing.

Not just because they sport my birth name and my brand name. I love them because in this moment they are my favorite shade of metal – a rich, warm gold tone. Another thing to love is how they make a statement without weighing you down. In other words, they are very light. I wore them all day Sunday and if it wasn’t for the coins chiming in the breeze I would have forgotten I had them on.

Here’s the scoop…

The 1st production run is a limited to 3 pairs and they are priced at $36.00 each. I plan on heading back to DTLA tomorrow to pick up more coins but who knows how many will be left. So if you love them grab them now.

By the way, did you see the sneak peek I posted on Instagram? Think it was Saturday night. I deleted the photo because it was a pretty shitty shot. I’ll be posting more sneak peeks on Instagram and Twitter. Please feel free to chime in if you’re feeling a yaay (or even a naay) about something.

Oh and as of today, only 6 days til I’m Off To Dreamland. Of course these will be coming with.

Love, The Glossy Queen