stop the press no. 2 // TGQ x The Birdie Bowl

a few months back Khala of The Birdie Bowl, a blog about “all things lovely”, contacted me to be a featured Artist on her darling webspace. and when i say darling i truly mean it. upon visiting you’ll be greeted with ever-so-sweet polka dots and a few fine looking florals. so grab a cup of tea and cookies, check out the feature and stay a while!

thanks a million Khala for spotlighting  The Glossy Queen.

birdie bowl pic

Toro Y Moi Live at The Wiltern

Been playing Toro Y Moi’s electrifying music non-stop for a few months now. On any given day you can find me getting lost in Chaz’s chaotic, layered rhythms…so best believe I totally lost control while being immersed – full body, mind & soul – at Toro Y Moi’s final show of the Tour. In my hometown of Los Angeles on 11.16.13 at the gorgeous, art deco, gem known as The Wiltern…

Oh man, it was so, so good. That moment when we all heard the first note of “Rose Quartz” (played mid-set) everyone, from floor to ceiling, went crazy! No question, everyone in the theatre, at that point, was occupying another dimension (thanks for the ride Chaz)!!!

Enjoy this tiny snippet of le night. An unforgettable one…


stop the press no. 1 // an unpublished interview

my procrastination got the best of me. so it seems. but not really. a while back i was contacted to be featured in The Valente. guess, it was just one of those emails that slipped through the cracks. that happens when you’re a bootstrapping, one woman show. i never beat myself up about these things. because i know all is as it should be. so anyway, to make a {not really} long story {even} short{er}…once i did finally respond to their initial request it took me forever and a day to respond with answers to their interview questions. which were actually short and took all of 10 minutes to answer. well, i sent them the completed interview, along with fresh new photos a few weeks ago and have yet to hear back. so i’ve decided to publish this unpublished interview right here on The Glossy Blog. enjoy.


Where do you get inspiration to combine your gorgeous combinations of bright colors?

Nature is probably my biggest source of inspiration. For example, I created a bangle style called “Sun & Sky” which combines a beautiful, striking blue (sky) cheerful yellow (sun) and black (shadows). But honestly we live in such a vibrant world the question really should be where DON’T I find inspiration! I’m literally inspired by everything…buildings, signs, shop windows, graffiti, lines… I keep my iPhone close and on camera mode so I’m always ready to capture objects of interest to reference when creating.

What is the most utilized tool in your workshop?
Ha, ha…my hands! Use them for everything. I’m a one woman show so they do everything from making each and every piece of jewelry to photographing to packaging up shipments. Don’t think much would get done without them!
What bold and beautiful woman would you love to see wearing a TGQ piece?
DJ Rashida. She’s pretty much the epitome of the TGQ woman…bright. bold. bohemian.
If you had to pick your favorite color palette of 3 which colors would it include?
Eeeek! This is like asking to pick your favorite child. Such a hard question but since I must…I’m gonna go with something super fresh and also very retro: Chartreuse, Teal & Orange. I just created a new bib necklace in this colorway and it’s pretty striking. It screams “LOOK AT ME!”
What are three items you cannot live without?
1. Lip Balm…I am just addicted to this stuff, preferably a mint flavored variety.
2. Dark Chocolate…over the summer I went on a 20 day detox but just couldn’t give up indulging in a bit of delicious dark during that time.
3. Tame Impala & Toro Y Moi…both of these guys are technically one man bands and lets just say I’m pretty obsessed. They’ve both got such unique, out of this world sounds that get me super HYPED (ahhh, just talking about them makes me want to put on my headphones and BLAST)! Music (ahem, good music) is a must have in this Glossy Gal’s life!

Hollywood Swingin’ at The Best Man Holiday World Premiere

Her enchanted life in The Enchanted Land continues…

Last Tuesday {that’d be 11.5.13} the Bestie and I stepped out for the world premiere of The Best Man Holiday. Surrounded by lights, cameras and plenty of action the infamous Boulevard was decked in red to celebrate the occasion. And since this was a premiere event it was only right that I premiere one of The Glossy Queen’s brand new bib necklaces. A teal, orange and chartreuse show-stopper who is really the star of the show..this show! Check in the shoppe soon to grab this Hollywood stunner.

So what of this holiday flick? It’ll definitely make you laugh and certainly make you cry. Well done cast & crew. Now lets pop on over to The Roosevelt and sip on some bubbly. Cheers all!

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Daytrippin’ // November in Malibu

Bonjour beloveds! Life in The Enchanted Land is grand. On 11.1.13, yes well into Fall, we found ourselves Daytrippin’ at a secluded beach in Malibu. The fierce Scorpio Sun, soon to be eclipsed by Mr. Moon, showered us with love & light while the calm waters soothed any illusion of tension away.

We ate. We danced. We talked. We laughed. And yes, you were there with me the entire time.

The Glossy Queen welcomes you to remember, forever and ever more, November in Malibu…

Like the handmade, thread-wrapped, tube necklace featured in the vid, yes!!! It’s waiting for you here. And the rest of the jewelry I’m draped in…well, maybe I’ll discuss those sick-ass guitar pick earrings in another post. Stay tuned!

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